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The Stats

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But alone on a planet that barely knew, Rhisis He felt the need to create life itself. She think three beings, and put them to each one, one of its aspects.Bubble was the kindness of Rhisis, his love for the beings that created it and the love of life that those beings created. Iblis it was the apathy of Rhisis, his indifference toward Roika, and their lack of care for what could happen if she were. Shade was the hatred of Rhisis, their ashamed to be left behind, his fear of being trapped with beings who could never understand it. The destruction of Roika began with hatred.Shade, in the attempt to destroy all life in Roika moved everyone into a corner of the world and using all his power, I remove it and send it floating in the great sea that covers the world. Humans ran with the Dwarpets and with your help built cities, caves, and mines to protect them.

Shade realize that life is just not as he expected and forced his mind to the of the Dwarpets, stealing the secrets of the gods and destroying most of the Dwarpets in the process.Shade created the race of creatures known as Masquerpets to destroy all those who were in his Road. Bubble, listening to the cries of human, beating the continent dispersing the Masquerpets and dividing the land into four parts.Iblis note, without doing anything, without saying anything. His left eye, blue, shine as a child, while his right eye, from color violet as dusk of winter, looking as there’s nothing.The remaining human armed, ready for the threat of the Masquerpets and someday to be able to stand against the goddess Shade. Download Flyff game already! Main characters: * Acrobat (Archer) to ranged attack and later make an aoe that kills many at once (all have that attack that kills many but some classes more than others) at first often upload Sta and Dex. But I would say that you do not upload as much dex and upload a little STR and INT is that at the end (level 60 or more) you use only skill.

* Assist (Wizard) is the predominant class can occur if same and other players skill s (special effects) that momentarily to give it more life, attack, speed, etc to upload level have more than those. But it is also that before any other class has aoe attack many then at level 60 you can choose if you will be an Assist that only cure resurrects and gives strength or one fighter is very important as you drive your stats the fighter does not need much Int which heals if. The attack of the Assist is not distance equal to the mercenary. Then if what you are less interested in is to help other players this is the least preferred PJ * Mercenary (mercenary) attacks a one and it must be moved closer to that attack then runs at a disadvantage with other classes at the beginning. Then it is strong as all have attack many monsters and others. The Stats don’t know them well since no tube one of these if the other three. * Magician (magician) has ranged attack and uses only Int and STA At the beginning you do complicate I mean when you’re level 15 in that you should use an element in particular for attacking a monster in particular. For example to the electricity you attack them with skill of Earth. Download Flyff game already! Original author and source of the article.


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