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July 23rd, 2020 at 4:56 pm

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For educational institutions and entities: in this section are collected aid afforded by the Ministry for universities, schools and other entities, such as universities, associations and federations of students or local corporations, to subsidize the costs of their educational activities. For teachers, researchers and graduates: aid and grants to facilitate the teaching and research work of academic staff and students who have already completed their university studies. For extracurricular activities: collect subsidies granted for the development of activities not academic previous to the University teaching levels. Information about each of the scholarships listed in these sections includes both the full text of the call for proposals and the application form, either on-line or printed, as the resolution date and deadlines for each aid. Although in some cases these terms are fulfilled, always serve as reference for the call for next year, since usually carried out by the same dates. Thus, the interested party can have an orientation when should start processing your scholarship or helps in the next call.

Additional services in addition to this information, the Ministry of education also offers a series of services and tools designed to facilitate interested parties the steps of processing and management of aid. One of the most useful is a consultation service so that the user can verify if it meets the requirements to apply for a scholarship. Through a simple on-line form, the user completing the information that prompted the application for each educational level and at the end you can check if it meets the necessary academic and financial requirements. If so, you can know even the aid amount that would have.Other services of use to users allows you to check the status of processing of a scholarship. The applicant may enter this application – with a Certified digital or through the introduction of the NIF and the year of request – to check what state is the aid application or has been admitted or denied. The notification of the resolution can also be download from the website of the Ministry. She includes instructions that the person concerned must follow if you want to claim with a claim or an appeal for reconsideration. Not miss any interesting call, ideally is to subscribe to the alert service. The user only has to enter the e-mail address you want to receive notifications of new calls for scholarships and aid that are of your interest.


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