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May 7th, 2020 at 7:33 am

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These can be ideal to consolidate over the common games and promote. The play is not sporting excellence and endurance walks, but the mental load of dog, coupled with gameplay for two – and four-legged friends. This requires no training or special equipment. Just a little motivation and creativity, and already, wonderful games, so-called interactive toys can be developed from all sorts of things in the budget. As well, the dealer offers a wide range of appropriate toys. What does the word mean interactively”? Interactive means mutually.

An interactive toy is so games that change according to the reaction of the dog and offer a new solution. The intelligence of the dog is needed here and the willingness to learn from experience. The necessary calm and concentration effort the dog and the solution of various degrees of difficulty calls him mentally, so that you can reach a wonderful load on this way. Interactive game also means, however, the bond between dog and man promote. Because of course the dogs with these toys play alone, but together with their owners. Small success weld together even more, promote mutual trust and consolidate the binding. Also give them more confidence from time to time and provide therefore a good treatment option”for nervous or inexperienced dogs, to gather positive experiences in environment familiar and safe for them.

For interactive toys also speaks, that there are games for dogs of all ages. Inspire a young puppy with a stuffed Kong can”as a senior. Or motivate an old Hound search matches and will quickly realize how much these old dogs still times mentally flourish, when they are physically no longer fit. Now to cereal boxes, yogurt cups or boxes whether all of this is suitable for badminton & indoor. So, for example a treat in an empty and once again sealed pack of cereal is a good beginner exercise.

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