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September 7th, 2018 at 11:18 pm

Trainer Soccer Formation

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The trainer never has to neglect his human facet, so that before sport technician is a person and he always must maintain a good predisposition to help his players, although the problems that these have leave the strictly sport scope, which on the other hand, is a fact that cannot be considered infrequent. A good trainer knows to listen his soccer players and he at any moment worries to help them and to orient to them, mainly if one is people who are beginning and have necessity to be advised by somebody of more age, than him can transmit his experience, orient and give them the suitable recommendations to them. Although it is necessary to always try not to invade the deprived land of the very prudent soccer player and being at the time of entering questions that leave outside which they are the own competitions of the trainer. That is to say, it is necessary to help when it needs somebody it and it asks to be helped, unless it is some serious subject or the interested one does not dare and is the technician the one that takes the first step to confront the situation that can be raised. What there is to always avoid in this type of interventions and I return to stress when one is young people, is to act with a type of paternalism that in the times that we possibly lived already is completely out of place and more than to benefit it harms, although who acts of this form it does it with the best one of its intentions.


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