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Turbulent Channel Waters

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The result of the crash mentioned in the turbulent waters of the Channel dropped by about 300 Spanish victims, compared with about 200 people by the English side. But the worst was yet to begin. From white water suddenly turned to storms and then the storms. English and Spanish, had suddenly urgently to saturate their ships into safe harbors while improving over time. The English, who were only waiting for a miracle, had been added to their problems a series of riots by the defaults that the Crown should be done at sea. So, Elizabeth I expected the worst.

For his part, Felipe II, not knowing the situation thoroughly, expected by late August, the landing has already been made possible. That never happened. Given the need to find calmer waters, the Spanish ships, and far removed from many others, went further north, particularly to the North Sea and Irish Sea. That was his undoing. One after another, the Spanish ships wrecked devastated at the crazy atmosphere. Thousands of Spanish lost their lives trying to surround the coasts and wild reefs England, looking for a place to anchor.

Even those who managed to save themselves by swimming to the coast, were tipped by local residents (The episode in 1595 Amesquita Carlos is a happy exception.) Of the 130 boats that sailed, returned only 66 ships and 10,000 men perished. There is, dubiously, that when King Philip II knew what happened, said: I sent my ships to fight against men, not against storms, difficult to accept appointment thanks to his laconic nature and rather distant. The England of Elizabeth did not know of his victory until some time later. The Spanish catastrophe had been so fragmented and dispersed that the winners could not estimate its magnitude and feared that the ships they had taken refuge in reality a safe harbor. British losses were also great, augmented by the plague that spread among sailors and soldiers. Some months later, in April 1589, Elizabeth, realizing the significance of the ruin of the "Invincible", wanted to take advantage of it to establish Lisbon attacking Don Antonio of Portugal, Prior of Crato, to the throne. But the expedition was a total failure. Finally, the disaster of the Armada did not mean a Spanish defeat. Ultimately, the preponderance of this country in the international arena led to England signed a treaty favorable to Felipe II in 1604, but that it was unable to prevent the independence of Portugal, the recovery of France as a European power and the replacement Protestant the Netherlands.


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