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January 6th, 2022 at 1:33 am

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Environmental issues with the use of fluorinated blowing agents (toxicity, carcinogenicity), set in the United States and European countries need to be resolved in Russia. All the fluorinated surface-active substances included in the foam, biologically degradable products that are getting into the soil and water, can cause environmental problems. At the same time it is impossible to completely abandon use of highly fluorinated blowing agents. Foaming agents should be reserved for use in limited quantities at the sites where you can not do without them. In the event of a fire consumed foam should be collected and sent to the plant for processing or chemical waste landfill. All blowing agents transported in tank cars, equipped with a universal drain device, and also in metal drums and containers made of polymeric materials in covered wagons or all-metal road. Frothers purpose synthetic fluorinated transported in containers of polymeric materials, stainless steel, glass and in metal drums with a polymer coating. When carried by rail in winter it is recommended to use tanks equipped with the system paropodogreva.

When transporting the foam in a glass container to exclude the possibility of freezing. Optimum temperature of thawing frozen in any packaging foam is a plus 20 – plus 30 C. All foaming agents after repeated freezing and thawing followed by gradual do not lose their original properties. Receives a frozen foam should be thawed, while avoiding its dilution and decay, then stir and then unload. For heating foam can be used with a steam coil condensate drain outside the tank, the temperature foam in the tank should not exceed 60 C. Packagings intended for transportation and storage of foam must be clean, without traces of oil products and chemicals. The degree of filling of the packaging shall be no more than 95% of the volume. After filling the container with the frother should be tightly closed and sealed.


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