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Locate the water. Water removes not only physical but also the energy clips. Coming from the streets, we wash off with it not only dust but also the negative impact of the street. If you are in labor will have the opportunity to take a shower – that's fine, flowing water will carry away with them some of the stress. You can send a stream of hot water on the lumbar region, which accumulates the brunt. If no bath or shower will not close, just ask you to wash, rinse face with water – you will feel fresh and sigh easier. Manage your muscles.

It would be good in advance to learn to feel their muscles and relax them at the right moment. And bring that its the ability to bodily automatism, to once again during labor do not think a head. This will help a couple of simple exercises. 1. Sit down, relax – straining the group of muscles (clench fist, lift your shoulders, etc.) – Experience is tension – relax again. 2. Ask someone to hurt your hand to compress (pinch the shoulder, etc.) – relax the muscles in the wrong place to such an extent as to remove the pain and released.

Feel the muscles that will participate in the child's birth, the ability to relax them very useful at the final stage of labor. Do massage. Massage with aromatherapy oils well to get rid of the emotional and muscular tension. Some oils also have the effect of anesthesia: geranium, rose, sage, mandarin orange, carnation and sandalwood.

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