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December 7th, 2016 at 5:18 am

Weight Loss And Protein Drinks

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I remember that when I was trying to lose body fat and build some muscle, for the first time in a gym, the gym rat style, and participate in a conversation with one of those gym rats where fat almost there and if a lot of muscle. I asked: why I can not lose weight what shakes protein drink?? He answered me: eat food! Protein drinks and sports drinks are very sweet. I said: then what food eat? You prepare your supplements? I affirm their stance saying: food! I like meat and vegetables. If you want to get muscle and lose fat, eat and drink water! So drinks will void your training? Many people are starting to make exercise a part of their lives on a daily basis to lose body fat. While this is a great way of doing this, many without realizing it, are consuming too many calories. If you are not reaching your goals, it may be due to you’re drinking sports drinks while you’re doing exercise, of is way to cancel your training and leave it without effect.

According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, the center of medicine based on the evidence at the University of Oxford has expressed concern that these drinks, such as Gatorade, are contributing to the obesity epidemic. People consume sports drinks thinking they are healthy, because of big marketing echa by manufacturers. Why not I can lose weight? you ask. It is due to that sports drinks contain between 80 and 300 calories. Definitely are drinks do not help us to lose body fat.

Some examples are: Gatorade, 16 oz., 100 calories; Power Ade-, 16 oz, 140 calories; Vitamin Water, 16 oz 100 calories. Many consume two to three bottles before, during and after a workout. The Council that should be consumed before, during, or after the training is also denied.

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