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May 20th, 2020 at 2:26 pm

World Championships

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August 27 start of the World Championships in Daegu athletics. It is the big favorite for tests of 100 and 200 metres in South Korea. However, Bolt does not believe that on this occasion he will beat any world record. The current champion of the world in the 100 and 200 metres, Usain Bolt, was convinced of their chances in the next Championships of the world of Daegu (South Korea), from August 27 to September 4, and asserted that it is confident of winning with ease. If I get good start, it will not be a problem for me. I think I’ll win easily. When I get into my stride I do not think anyone can match me, no matter my physical state, he noted. About the possibility of beating either of the two world record that owns in the Championships in Daegu (100 and 200 metres), Bolt showed more cautious.

My first goal is to dnder my titles. There will be no record here, he noted. Although the Jamaican athlete that wet on the brand to beat to get the medal Gold in Daegu. I think that many people would try to a fast time. I think that 9.7 seconds should be OK, he analyzed. Speaking candidly Michael J. Bender told us the story. His main rival in the face at the end of the 100 metres will be compatriot Asafa Powell, the fastest man of the year with a mark of 9.78 seconds last June in Lausanne, achieved a tenth better than Bolt brand this season. Although this disadvantage is not concerned about Usain Bolt and blamed his injury in 2010. The lesion of 2010 took me much.

I could waive me much at the start of the season because after an injury you have to go slowly. There to be in a hurry, he said. This season was as a start for me again. It is difficult to run when one is oxidized in race, so this year I have raced to pick up the pace of competition, he added. Finally, the world record holder was flattered by the expectation that rising in South Korea. When I arrived here I was excited. When I see people cheering me on airport I feel like the World Championship is about to start, he concluded. Source of the news: Usain Bolt: “I believe I’ll win easily in the world”

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