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September 19th, 2020 at 10:18 am

YoYo Effect Emergence

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Pharmacy from Stuttgart the Moor informed the frustrating effects of yo-yo effect have felt countless diet drive end on his own body. But how does it actually, that after a long term successful diet the weight suddenly rises and what can be done about it? With these questions, the Stuttgart Mohren pharmacy deals. The dreaded Yo-Yo effect is based on the nature of the human energy budget. Diets that significantly reduce the body led to the amount of energy and force him to use his fat as emergency reserve. Due to its adaptability, the human body reacts to this deficiency condition, gradually reducing the energy consumption of organs and other body systems. “In the course of a diet, therefore the energetic basal metabolic rate at rest decreases significantly the body is lightweight, so to speak to a savings mode”. Recoverable using a diet weight loss is reduced accordingly in the course of time. Anything goes at first quite hardly any progress to achieve, if the body only once has adapted to the reduced energy supply are fast.

The energy supply after the diet suddenly to its old level to rise again, if all things are enjoyed, weeks and months failed the driving end of the diet, a significant calorie surplus is reduced energy consumption. The body responded with renewed building of fat deposits, the weight goes up and the yo-yo effect takes its beginning. To avoid this problem, it is initially not abruptly discontinue diets, but they slowly finish off for several weeks. This encourages the body to increase its basic energy consumption and thereby reducing the likelihood of unwanted weight gain. Sports are another measure.

In turn, you consume a lot of excess energy to the movement and to build muscle. In addition to a slow blade of diets and sporting commitment helps a nutrition on healthy whole foods, to maintain the gained weight. This, basically less unnecessary energy is fed into the body, which stabilizes the body weight thanks to a balanced energy budget. Comprehensive information on a diet, avoid obesity and Yo-Yo effects pharmacy is available for the Stuttgart Moor at any time. Press contact Mohren pharmacy contact: Ute Schwiecker Sigma Rahul str. 4 70567 Stuttgart phone: 0711-71 35 09 fax: 0711-71 97-222 E-Mail: Homepage:

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