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Three Former Board Infarktnika People

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At first everything went in the usual way – a hospital, sanatorium, monitoring by a cardiologist. Doctors now and then talked about the dead of disability, but it is in my plans did not enter. And I began to rebuild their performance, but chose not exactly the traditional way. Below is a brief description of the system, it includes three main points. First need as quickly as possible to get rid of high cholesterol in their blood. Risk of dying from myocardial infarction in those with cholesterol levels above normal, three times more than those with normal concentration of the substance. There are special drugs that lower cholesterol levels. Some help than others. Very often the drugs do not help because people with the tenacity neutralize their action does not correct diet. Such people do not understand what a person eats to live rather than lives to eat. How did eat, to remove the heart from the blow? First of all, lower calorie food, incidentally, healthy weight loss helps regulate cholesterol levels. Food should be rich in plant fiber.
Eat more fruits and vegetables. Give up animal fat to lean on vegetable oils: corn, soybean, etc. But the complete abandonment of animal food is fraught defetsitom in the body of some amino acids that are not in plant. In any case, select products with the amount of cholesterol to the total content of it in your daily diet should not exceed 200-300 mg. A special role in the treatment of myocardial effects of physical play exercises. But all is good in moderation. To sport after a heart attack should join too, very carefully. Excessive load is dangerous. Unbeknown to the doctors began gymnastics in her chair and moderate walk short distances with constant supervision of his pulse. If I have it off scale above the norm by 25 percent, immediately slow down the pace and made a break. At first there was a distance of 100 meters along the corridor hospital. Walked once a day then 2 times, then 3, etc. At the same time very carefully listening to the heart. The third council, which really helps, it sounds simple – live without stress. Alas, this condition is a must! But it is in postinfarction period, people are especially susceptible to strong depression, acute social conflicts endure. And the last to give up drugs completely not worth it. Be Healthy!


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